September 16, 2021

You Are In Safe Hands

“Don’t worry, you are in safe hands”. These were the words of a Swiss doctor which gave me a new hope to survive and thanks God, I survived a massive heart attack.

It was a sunny day of February 2003 when I was sitting in my office in Geneva and doing the work as usual. Suddenly I felt something wrong in my body. Before I could analyse what was wrong, I suffered a severe heart attack. An ambulance arrived in no time which took me to the hospital. While on the way to the hospital my condition started worsening due to short of breath and severe pain in my chest. This was the time when the doctor’s kind words “don’t worry, you are in safe hands” touched my soul, and gave me a great relief by assuring me that I was in safe hands. Now after 15 years I still feel the magical effect of those words on my body. Whenever I have to go to the hospital to see some ailing relative or friend, I say to the patient “don’t worry, you will recover soon” and the patient starts feeling better. Every patient needs a positive energy to fight the disease and this energy comes through kind words which he/she listens from others.

Any bad event in your life can be dangerous. But if someone says to you “don’t worry, you are in safe hands” then you get a new energy to fight the evil forces. Kind words are always helpful. Please be kind to anyone who is in some kind of physical or psychological pain. Say some loving words, caring words and encouraging words so that he/she comes out of the ugly situation.

Be careful in using words. Your words can give someone a new life or even take his/her life. Always use kind, sympathetic and helpful words. Always be ready to help someone in one way or the other. Life is beautiful. Make it more beautiful and charming by using nice words for others.

You can make a difference in the lives of other people just by using proper words for a specific situation. Use the power of words to motive them, heal them, encourage them, guide them and to help them succeed in life. Also make people happy by passing decent jokes and loving remarks.

In any difficult situation, let your near and dear ones know that you are at their side willing to help them. If you are far away then send them messages of sympathy, love, encouragement and prayers.

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