Affairs: What an Affair Really Is and What an Affair Really Does

We hear about it all the time – in magazines, on TV and among our friends:

Someone else has had an affair and a marriage is falling apart.

Our culture teaches that an affair is just something that happens in relationships, it’s really not big deal.

When we hear about this so often, we can become a little calloused to what it really means. We’re numb to the reality of promises broken, marriages crashing, kids being crushed and families coming apart.

I believe that the term “affair” contributes to the blase attitude we sometimes take. Affair sounds like an event to enjoy, as in “the party was a grand affair.”

Straying outside your marriage is not an affair. It’s adultery. It’s really marital treason.

Few people wake up one morning and decide it’s the day they are going to have an affair. These things usually start gradually and then spin out of control.

For this discussion, we are talking about a one-time affair, not the kind of relationship where people are constantly having affairs.

Since adultery is all about breaking trust, recovery is all about rebuilding trust. While rebuilding trust is possible, it can take a long time, and can require a great amount of work.

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