Enjoy Your Life Unconditionally

No doubt, there are ups and downs in life. There are good and bad times. There is sunshine and there is rain. Some days are hot and some days are cold. This is life!

Whatever the circumstances, you should not deprive yourself of the joy of life. Life is for a limited period only. No one knows how long he/she will live. Why waste your precious time in worrying about the things that are beyond your control. Be happy, enjoy your life unconditionally. Bring happiness in your own life and in the lives of other people.

Enjoy every situation of your life. You enjoy good days but you also need to learn how to enjoy bad days. You enjoy success but you also need to enjoy failure.

Enjoy your failure

Failure is good because it provides you an opportunity to benefit from so many other options which you were overlooking. Failure encourages you to bounce back and get even bigger and better share of success than you were expecting. There is no need to lose heart. Change your thinking so that you change the whole scenario. Celebrate failure! It will boost your morale and make you more powerful and determined to achieve success at any cost.

Enjoy your pain

If I ask you to enjoy pain then you will question my mental fitness. But you don’t know how true it is. I tell you my personal experience about that.

In 2003 when I was in Geneva, Switzerland, I suffered a massive heart attack. My colleagues called ambulance and I was taken to hospital with severe pain in my chest. Before reaching hospital, I was totally exhausted with pain and was going to lose control on my emotions when the doctor in the ambulance said: “Don’t worry, you are in the safe hands”. His words took away all my pain because then I started realizing that it’s not the time to worry about pain but to thank God that my life was safe. The mixed feelings of pain and joy surrounded me. It was a unique experience. At that time I learnt an important lesson that in pain there is a hidden joy and who sees the bright side can even enjoy pain. My pain turned into a joy which immensely helped in my recovery sooner than expected.

Enjoy your mistakes

We all make mistakes in life but only brave people admit their mistakes. Most people put the blame of their mistakes on others. On the other hand, the courageous people not only laugh at their mistakes but also let other people laugh at them. A person who learns from mistakes and knows how to turn the bad situation in his/her favour is the most intelligent person and has every right to enjoy.

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